So far there are 36 amazing experts who have all contributed to the Winning in Life and Work series.

You can find out more about each of them here – select the book and see the collection of experts and find out about them, their chapters, and how to connect with them.

Volume 1

Keith Blakemore-Noble
Conquering Shyness and Creating Self-Confidence

Graham Phoenix
Intimacy and Sex : The Twin Pillars Of An Intimate Relationship

Cindy Wilson
Living a “Not for Granted” Life.

Ruth Thirtle
Relationships are the foundation of any business

Kim Davey
Shift: Mindset for Success – How to live the life you were born to live.

Ian Douglas
Moving on from loss: Creating the impossible?

Claudia Crawley
Five Pillars for supporting women to get fit to win

Vincent Delaney
Keys to Job Interview Mastery

John Brant
The Secret Ingredient to Winning in Life and Work

Patricia Duffy
How You Can Survive Fibromyalgia

Gary Setterfield
Mindset and Motivation in Property

Johnnie Cass

New Beginnings

Christopher Howard
Rock Your World: Transform Your Life

Keith Blakemore-Noble
Let Go To Begin

Calvin Coyles
Make a fortune, Making a difference

Kim Barrett
The Business of Social Media[

Sanja Zeman
Driving Your McLaren:Autism, Formula 1, lasting change

Michelle Armstrong
Embracing Change

Kasia Nalepa
Break The Rules. Find Your Freedom. Live Your Life.

Lourdes Katague
New Country: New Life

Duda Prestes
Closure and New Beginning

David Jackson
The WoW Factor

Patrick White
4QI – A Questionable Intelligence for Change

Ian Crawford
Power choices at pivotal points

Colin Bennett
Singing – Antidote to Modern Life

Heather Traeger
From dry inland Australia to the tropical north!

Candice Marie

Jason Barrett
Dating with Confidence

Elliot Kay

Success Secrets

Annette Lynch
Changing The Game For Success in Career, Relationships, and Life

Keith Blakemore-Noble
5 Hidden Secrets of Confidence

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare
7 Essential Steps To Consistently Win In Life

Janet Dougherty
I Have To Get Back To Janet

Jenni Fernandez
Step Out – Speak Out – Stand Out

Jaycee La Bouche
Find Your Balance, Reclaim Your Time

Duda Prestes
Success Secrets? Success Sense!

Ilze Sola
The Very Best Of Yourself

Michael Beeson
The way I’ve done it, the way you won’t

Simone Vincenzi

Dare To Dream

Keith Blakemore-Noble
It’s Never Too Late

Laura Di Franco
Transformation is a warrior’s path

Lynn Dehnke
Adversity: Make It Count

Jennifer Whitacre
The Subtleties of Self-Sabotage

Paula Kalik
The Elephant In The Room

Shelia Heard
Life Happens

Veronica B. Light
At The Centre Of Your Being

Manuela Rohr
Broken Dream

Karen Fulkerson
I Pressed On: Destigmatizing Depression

Margie O’Kane
No Time For Regret

Amy Boyer
Taking Responsibility for our Inner Pain

Nadia Gualtieri
The Power Of Beliefs

Jason Withers
Pocket More, Stress Less – Simple Pathways to Profit

Gila Nehemia
Forgiveness Leads to Peace

Stephen Bryant
First Steps Into The Unknown

Nick Manci
The Solo Search For Sanity

Lori Zeltwanger
Pain Pain Go Away – Don’t Come Back Another Day!