Cindi Wilson is a Global Business Transformation Consultant, Author, Travel Addict and self-proclaimed “Life Passionista” – striving to never take life for granted! She resides in Luxembourg and can be found at her personal website:

After many years in the international corporate world, she stopped, designed a “Mid-life Reinvention” and travelled the world for two years, writing about the experience and the personal growth and insights that developed as a result.  She is passionate about enjoying life as an adventure, seeing the beauty in every moment and appreciating the people around us.  She now works as a consultant, merging her business experience with her international savvy and “can-do” enthusiasm for her clients.

She is a contributing author to the books: “The Gratitude Book Project – Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude – 2012 Edition,” and “The Gratitude Book Project – Celebrating Moms & Motherhood.” Look for her future books, “Living a Not For Granted Life,” two books on her travels and several others under way.

As an advocate of motivation and personal development, she has participated in Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” and Fire-walk, Chris Howard’s Academy of Wealth and Achievement and Advanced Presentation Skills training, and several internet marketing and branding seminars in Europe and the USA.

When not writing or travelling, Cindi is an award winning Business Transformation Consultant, specialising in Quality and Customer Satisfaction for Global corporations. She has previously held positions as Director of Quality and Customer Satisfaction and Vice President of Global Supplier Quality, and lived in the USA, Europe and Singapore.  She also has been a conference speaker, coach and winner of European Six Sigma awards.  Creating turn-around Quality performance, capable suppliers and increased business for clients is a passion. To find out more, see her business website or her profile on LinkedIn at


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