Claudia Crawley is a life coach, colour coach and founder and director of Winning Pathways Coaching. She is also an Arbonne independent Consultant. Her background is in criminal justice and social care and latterly in social work management. Throughout, she developed an approach which she uses in this work: which enabled first her staff and currently her clients to move from now to next, by building greater choices and independence. It is based on values of equality, empowerment and self-determination.

In 2010 when she founded Winning Pathways Coaching she put this into practice both for herself as a business owner, and for clients, through coaching women through the challenging supported journeys they selected. She also works in large organisations coaching managers to improve performance faster.

As with many women today who seek ‘fitness’ for success and winning, Claudia has a long-standing involvement in fighting inequality.

She enjoys music, dancing, theatre, keeping fit, watching movies and reading the likes of Stephen Covey, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. She is an experienced independent traveller, seeking open minds and open spaces. She supports the Centre for Women and Democracy, the Fawcett Society, National Deaf Children’s Society and Centrepoint.

She has an MBA, a Practitioner Coach Diploma (DipNMC), is an NLP Master

Practitioner and an International Institute of Coaching member. She recognises that qualifications are also a part of the perseverance journey…to winning.


Book / Chapter

Volume 1
Five Pillars for supporting women to get fit to win