Colin is a leading international health and safety consultant, having worked in North America, China, India, and throughout Europe over the past twenty years. He has worked in many industries including chemical, construction, motor manufacturing, railroad, steel, and aluminium smelting. He has accredited contractors annually for a global petroleum company and runs management training courses. Prior to this he worked in the electricity and nuclear industry for thirty-one years.

He is principal of the companies Managing Safely Tuition and Safety Partnership, amongst others. He is licensed by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) to run their Managing Safely and Managing Safely Refresher courses.

Apart from singing, his other pastimes include painting – he is a prolific producer of oil on canvas works in portrait, landscape, wildlife and flowers; gardening; he maintains a large garden of vegetables, fruit, and flowers; and he also provides the award-winning hanging baskets for his daughter’s ice cream parlour. He plays numerous musical instruments (piano, organ, guitar, ukulele, piano, accordion, flute, and three saxophones). He engages in photography and has won awards for his photographs. He does website design, including the website for his daughter’s ice cream parlour, TasTe of Sidmouth and for one of his quartets, 4getmenots. Colin applies magic to all his interests. (He is an accomplished magician). Colin maintains an active interest in property investment, including a holiday apartment in Sidmouth.

With Anne, he can often be found making ice cream at their daughters Hazel and Laura’s TasTe of Sidmouth or spending time with their beloved grandchildren Steph and Josh.

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New Beginnings
Singing – Antidote to Modern Life