Eduarda Abissamra a.k.a. Duda Prestes is a certified master neurolinguistics practitioner, a member of the Brazilian Bar Association and an accredited panel member of the Resolution Institute (previously known as LEADR NZ), originally trained as a corporate lawyer in Brazil. Her twenty years of legal experience inspired her to train as a mediator in New Zealand, where she lived for over eight years, and is happily back now.

Duda has a spirit for travel. She loves to see new places, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Duda also enjoys studying and is constantly engaged in personal and professional development. Whenever possible, she likes to combine these passions by attending conferences and courses in other countries.

She strongly believes that we all have the power to start again, in a better way; to move forward happily when there is love, forgiveness, and gratitude in our hearts.

This time she is proudly reporting an amazing growth in a Brazilian’s family´s life, which will show you that anything is possible.

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New Beginnings
Closure and New Beginnings
Success Secrets
Success Secrets? Success Sense!


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