Gary Setterfield is a Mindset and Motivation coach. He has been involved in Personal Development for over 15 years. For 26½ years he worked for Nat West and Royal Bank of Scotland Group, training countrywide and at their Training college behavioural and technical skills courses. His last 5 years spent as a Learning and Development Consultant, project managing the creation, delivery and implementation of Learning Projects across the Organisation.

In 2006 he decided to leave. Following his Dad’s death and with his Mum dieing suddenly in 2001, while he was away Training, it was time to re evaluate what was important. Tanya (his wife of 10 years) and he started their own Multi Level Marketing business, established a 5000 client base in two years to whom they delivered monthly. Continuing his education in coaching, he studied with Chris Howard becoming a Speaker, Master Trainer and Practitioner in NLP.

He became involved in property following meeting Rob Moore and with Progressive’s help has been able to start building a property portfolio.

Book / Chapter

Volume 1
Mindset and Motivation in Property