Graham is the founder of Male eXperience, a site about men, masculinity and sexuality. He teaches men how to become aware of their strength and how to understand women so they can experience their male energy, love their partner and create a relationship of love and passion.

He helps men embrace what is within them, waiting to be released. He encourages them to drop the mask and create their ‘Personal Masculinity’ though change and growth. Through his work men become aware of themselves, present, open to change and they embrace new approaches.

His online program, ‘How To Love A Woman’, takes men on a journey that enables them to become aware of their issues, to face their life and design it the way they want it to be. It enables them to look, anew, at their relationship and re-create it so they can life a new life with their partner. It is designed to help men become the man that can love their woman. It is the first step on a journey that will transform their life and the life of their partner or future partner.

Participants will be challenged to become a man who can be strong in himself, love a woman; a man who can be with a woman.
The course covers three major, basic issues that affect men.

  • How to discover and develop the man inside.
  • How to understand and appreciate women.
  • How to love their woman.

Women look for depth in a man. They look for a man who is grounded, who is strong in himself. The course seeks to help men create that.

He used to work internationally as a lighting designer. He now lives in Spain where he writes. He still speaks and mentors internationally.


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Intimacy and Sex : The Twin Pillars Of An Intimate Relationship


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