Ian has spent most of his life as a teacher, working mostly with children who do not have English as their first language. He has now reached the age of 65, and is still enjoying tutoring youngsters in English.

He has always enjoyed outdoor activities, particularly sailing and mountain walking, as well as exploring and learning languages. He has taught English in both France and Italy, and still spends a lot of time in Italy with his Italian wife. He loves the stage too, especially comedy, and made regular appearances as Shakespeare clowns in his youth. Ever since he studied ecology for his degree, he has been passionate about looking after the environment and was the coordinator of his local Friends of the Earth in the late 80s.Most of all, he loves learning and admits an addiction to historical and scientific documentaries.

He has a young family and is aiming to create an income which will provide for all their needs. He is very aware that the death of his father when he was 8, as well as other losses he incurred when he was younger, have contributed to difficulties he has had in letting go and moving on. His mission is to teach others what he has learnt from his experiences and help them to overcome their own losses and move on in the most effective way they can.


Book / Chapter

Volume 1
Moving on from loss : Creating the impossible?