Jaycee La Bouche is a dynamic presenter, facilitator and motivational coach. She has a unique style of blending inspirational words, storytelling and powerful life lessons in a way that leaves an uplifting and positive impact.

Having spent 5 years working as a nurse in police custody, Jaycee was no stranger to working under conditions of relentless time deadlines, stress and pressure. During this time she experienced a series of life-changing events including 3 bereavements and her mother facing life-changing surgery following a sudden illness.

It was not long before she found herself struggling to cope with working 12-hour shifts and adapting to the role of being a carer for her mother. Physically exhausted, emotionally drained and mentally overwhelmed by responsibilities, duties and expectations suddenly thrust upon her, she found herself plummeting towards a nervous breakdown.

Jaycee soon realised that she would have to forge the skills necessary to manage her stress, create better balance in her life and restore her fragile state of mind.

Not only did she successfully apply these skills to transform her own life, she has gone on to transform the lives of many others by sharing these skills in schools, prisons, and drug rehabilitation centres.

In this chapter, Jaycee introduces key elements of the lessons that helped her do this. Her message is clear; you cannot serve others to the best of your ability if you are not serving yourself first. By allocating time to do the things you love, your life becomes lighter and more enjoyable, and more importantly, you eliminate those dangerous levels of stress which pose a harmful risk to your health and well-being


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Find Your Balance, Reclaim Your Time