Jenni Fernandez is a coach and trainer, the Director of Freedom Coaching Ltd and is based in New Zealand.

Jenni moved from working in the health arena as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, into the corporate world where she is skilled in event, office and operations management. In 1992 Jenni stepped out as an entrepreneur and became a business owner launching Freedom Coaching Ltd. She offers coaching, training, keynote speaking and consulting to small business owners.

For over three decades, Jenni’s interest in the area of personal development has led her to study extensively and participate in many psychologies and science-based programs including NLP and Hypnosis.

Through her own personal growth, Jenni conquered her intense fear of public speaking that had previously stopped her moving forward. Jenni is often referred to as a vibrant, dynamic and confident speaker. With her commitment to herself and community, Jenni broke through her fears, built her confidence and she now gives that gift to others, helping them to do the same. Jenni enjoys working with and being instrumental in others achieving positive change in their lives, relationships and business.

Jenni’s core focus and passion is empowering others to step into a bigger version of themselves. Combining her experience and studies Jenni has developed her own unique programs, including a 12-week personal development program. In addition, Jenni has created and delivers ‘Speaking Skills Training’.  She designs and delivers training outlines, specific to individual and business requirement.

As an educator, Jenni inspires others to energize their lives, evolve their dreams, and fulfil their potential for a more enriched life.


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Step Out – Speak Out – Stand Out