Johnnie was never really meant to “fit in” or be “normal” – he was simply meant to lead.

Born in Sydney Australia, he never did well academically and certainly did not come from a wealthy background. In fact in order to make his way through school his first leadership role was working at McDonalds teaching other kids how to flip burgers.

Once completing school Johnnie was selected out of one of thousands to be involved in a young management cadetship where he learnt management principles he cherishes to this day. From there he was head hunted by a large Australian retail organisation. As one of the youngest business managers Johnnie turned one of the companies lower performing stores into one of the most profitable.

Always looking for a new adventure and an opportunity Johnnie gave up his high flying salary, convertible car, and (reluctantly) his big brick mobile phone and went and studied film, theatre and television. Again accomplishing his personal goals in this area, a short film he starred in won several international awards for best short film. He was also in the first season of the highly acclaimed Australian Big Brother launching him to the stratosphere of the media and television spotlight.

Unsatisfied with his career as a television “celebrity” Johnnie wanted more out of life than just getting his ugly mug on television. From here he embarked on a journey of self-discovery to understand the human potential and what does it mean to really create and live a successful life.

For the last 10 years Johnnie been travelling the globe teaching these time proven principle of success to hundreds and thousands of people, helping them realise their untapped potential. Knowing first hand that creating your ultimate lifestyle requires work, commitment and conviction, which is why he is a highly respected, and sought after international coach, trainer, speaker and author.

He resides with his partner between the U.K, Australia and Bali, living a global lifestyle and continues to inspire people to discover their courage, forge new paths; to excel in their chosen fields as well as create the lifestyle that they know they truly deserve.

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