Karen Fulkerson is pretty sure she’s the quirkiest author on the planet. She’s a study of contrasts and a walking, talking non-conformist. She wears men’s flannel shirts and loves watching sports while also harbouring a weakness for shoes, jewellery, and wine. This short, slightly frumpy woman is also a natural-born caretaker and educator; she is at her best when providing guidance and support to others as they achieve happier lives for themselves. Her gifts for warmth, humour and authenticity are relished.

In this chapter, she hopes readers will be moved by her lifelong fight with depression and inspired to learn a step-by-step strategy for removing the illness’s stigma.

Life was rough during Karen’s earliest years; her depression, diagnosed at age 30, came from both genetics and emotional abuse. These experiences, while painful, provided an awakening… a drive and a focus to communicate that depression defines no one, and being diagnosed with it is not shameful. 

She has only recently become a published writer, though she’s authored non-fiction works for years. After a career in science with the Government, she worked and volunteered in her local school system while raising her son with her husband. 

Karen is now pursuing a decades-long dream to create family-friendly books that teach as well as entertain, to encourage family members to read together and discover interests in science, history and geography (#KayfulBooks, Fall 2019). Residing with her husband in Virginia, this quirky non-conformist loves travelling, spoiling her four rescue kitties, and attending every Def Leppard concert she can.

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Dare To Dream
I Pressed On: Destigmatizing Depression