Keith Blakemore-Noble is The Confidence Alchemist™ – the bow-tie wearing Radio Host, Hypnotist, Confidence Alchemist, Phobia Expert, International Speaker, Best-selling Author, and occasional magician.

For far too many years Keith faced his problems of crippling shyness, massive social anxiety, and crushing loneliness on a seemingly never-ending daily basis. That was until the day he decided that enough was enough and he decided to do something about it. In his case, “do something” was to immerse himself in the technologies of the mind, neurosciences, NLP, hypnosis etc., which he used to great effect to help himself change his own mind and eliminate all those old issues.

He continues to study, develop and refine the cutting-edge neurosciences, and now uses these same proven techniques in his unique custom blend called Freedom Technology™ to help performers to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths and to become the stars they truly are.

Closely aligned with this, he also draws together international experts to share their own life lessons so that we can learn from them to get us winning in life and work – he is the creator and editor of the series of books of which this is one.

He also uses many of these same skills to bring laughs and entertainment to audiences large and small through hypnosis & magic shows on stage, in the home, and even on the street!

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Volume 1
Conquering Shyness and Creating Self-Confidence
New Beginnings
Let Go to Begin
5 Hidden Secrets of Confidence


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