Kim Davey is the embodiment of living with passion.

As a young adult in New Zealand, Kim was fortunate to learn early on that living a life based on what you should do rather than what you were born to do is not the prescription for a fulfilling life.
After leaving a promising career as a lawyer to pursue her dreams of performance and travel, she achieved just that. Kim has travelled the world immersing in culture, new experiences and personal development. She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a freelance TV Presenter and is Founder/Director of New Zealand Dance Network (NZDN).

Kim strives to inspire and empower others to seek out their true calling and follow their dreams because as she can wholeheartedly attest, there is no greater joy than being true to who you really are.


Book / Chapter

Volume 1
Shift: Mindset for Success – How to live the life you were born to live.


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