Lori is a licensed physical therapist, best selling author, featured representative on TV as women’s health advocate & pain release expert and a 30 year leader in Myofascial Release from a whole body, mind & spirit perspective.

She founded Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona, AZ 

where people come from all over the world to participate in her signature Pain Release & Pelvis Wellness Retreats.  She treats those struggling with all types of pain and is especially successful with those who have chronic complex problems that have not found results anywhere else.  Through her gentle, intuitive approach, Lori has mastered the ability to facilitate letting go of the physical, emotional and energetic restrictions that are no longer needed and nurture the emergence of your potential.

Lori has masterfully designed 1 of the highest quality and caring expert teams that deeply care about each person and their journey to discover their own Body Wisdom.  They all have the ability to evaluate and listen to what your body needs during each treatment & highly coordinated to guide the connection of your soul back home into your physical tissue for freedom from pain and total healing.  

In addition, she founded the international Myofascial Mastery Academy, evolving the application of MFR to a whole new level, leading inspiring seminars with a fresh perspective on how healing from pain and trauma occurs from her trademarked Z-way technique.

Book / Chapter

Dare To Dream
Pain Pain Go Away – Don’t Come Back Another Day!