Lynn Dehnke is uniquely qualified to write and speak about making adversity count with her overcoming warrior mindset. The University of Life is where her strength of character and ability to overcome adversity was forged. Life experiences such as: an unstable childhood, an alcoholic parent, multiple forms of abuse, relocation across the country, a failed marriage, a brain tumour in a family member, two miscarriages, cancers in her family, an injury that lead to her Dad’s earthly death, being a power of attorney for health care decisions for dying loved ones, chronic debilitating back pain and nerve injuries, multiple deaths in her family, and trauma from trusted people in her life. Lynn weaves her personal stories into her writing to show the reader how they too can not only overcome adversity but also experience personal and spiritual growth. Lynn completed Bible school and is credentialed through End Time Glory Ministries.

She has conducted workshops at state conferences, spent years teaching weekly studies, holds book discussions seasonally, offers one-on-one adversity coaching, and facilitates a personal history workshop to provide an opportunity for people to identify good and bad experiences from their lives in order to make peace with their past, live mindfully each day, and find hope and direction for their future. 

As you read this chapter, may you dare to dream while making every adversity count by becoming an overcoming warrior and living your life to its fullest potential.