Manuela is a certified yoga teacher and therapist with 32 years of experience, infusing the age-old wisdom of yoga with the therapeutic mindfulness-based practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Europe and the US. 

Manuela is the mother of a special needs’ girl, born a micro preemie. Sarina, now 28 years old, is her greatest teacher. Manuela shares powerful tools with other special moms in her transformational workshops to help support their child to find their dream, whilst not losing sight of their own.

Manuela believes that if you can breathe you can practice yoga. Supporting people towards a life worth living, no matter the obstacles, is her mission. She knows life’s a balancing act and chooses to embrace what’s possible, staying committed to living with deep joy. 

Manuela shares her healing journey in blogs, books and on social media. Her memoir-in-progress, I Cannot Die Until My Daughter Belongs, documents her mindful path as a special mother. And 365 Tiny Islands offers soulful practices that help us thrive despite life’s challenges.

Born in Germany she now lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa, CA.