Nadia is a Heart-Cantered Entrepreneur, Yogi, Yoga Teacher, Travel Addict, Professional Wanderer, Retreat Junkie, Idea Machine and Creativity Lover, as well as – a Transformational Travel Specialist and Brand + Marketing Strategist with over 15 years’ experience in high-level corporate Business, Branding + Marketing in the travel industry.

She has travelled extensively and attended many retreats, some of them, very transformational, which led her to make big changes in her life, one of them was taking a leap of faith; she followed her heart and turned entrepreneur.

As a former corporate marketing manager working with companies like American Express, Virtuoso and Signature amongst other travel industry heavy-weights, and as a heart-based entrepreneur, she is empowered to wholly understand the needs, challenges, aspirations, limiting-beliefs and vision of like-minded entrepreneurs and offer a mindful and conscious marketing approach.

Book / Chapter

Dare To Dream
The Power Of Beliefs