When Paula made her entrance into this world, she was a disappointment to her parents because of her gender. This pattern followed her throughout life creating many limiting beliefs that attracted abuse, physically, emotionally, and sexually. It started as young child, the grooming and sexual abuse, she was raped as a teenager and saw no worth in herself. Denied of education and forced to work in a trouser factory at the age of fourteen, her life seemed very bleak. Breaking free at fifteen years old, she left her roots to find excitement, and there were some happy times that she subconsciously sabotaged to remain a victim.

Being a successful entrepreneur brought her wealth and stability, she raised her boys singlehandedly and all went well until at the age of fifty-four. Pursuing justice left her bankrupt, homeless and wanting to end it all. Starting at the bottom of the pile she took a job, something alien to her as she had been self-employed for thirty years. Feeling like a hamster on a wheel, working and paying with little fun or peace in life, the wolf always at the door.

During this time Paula looked for ways to heal, earning a degree in psychology was the start of her love affair with the mind and healing trauma and events. Acknowledging the past for what it is, past, and letting go. Stripping away the layers opened new possibilities and perspectives, healing occurred, and her life became vibrant as she discovered happiness within.