Sanja Zeman is an industry leader in the neuroplasticity, wellness, and functional improvement arenas. With a background in occupational therapy and over twenty-five years experience as a medico-legal adviser and consultant to business, the legal fraternity, insurance industry, and health care professionals, she has tuned that wealth of knowledge and experience to everyday people wanting to better their lives. She is also an inspiring teacher and influential keynote speaker.

Sanja seeks to inspire and advise businesses and individuals on how to harness best practice thinking to the management of function, and how to tune in to your unique bandwidth to create your best life. She provides a compelling perspective that challenges traditional thinking, surrounding the physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, and social components of function. Her modern thinking and best practice ideas bridge the gap between perception and reality, building on a sensory integration approach to create the foundation for brilliance in achieving wealth and success.

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New Beginnings
Driving Your McLaren : Autism, Formula 1, Lasting Change.


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