Simone Vincenzi’s purpose is to support individuals connecting with their unique purpose in life, grow successful conscious businesses so they can leave their legacy and make an impact in the world.

Simone Vincenzi is the Co-founder of GTeX (Growing Together eXponentially Ltd.), an award-winning speaker, author, Life and Business Purpose expert.

He is the living example that an exciting life of fulfilment and purpose is possible. After a successful career started at 14 years old in the catering industry, following his passion, he managed his first Michelin Star restaurant at the age of 19, working in more than 300 different restaurants in 2 different countries.


After 8 years in the catering industry, he felt lost and without a sense of direction and purpose. He decided to give away everything he had to start a journey of personal discovery that lead him to find his true purpose.

Facing challenges like personal losses, an alcoholic father and homelessness, despite his young age, he never gave and he knew he was destined for more.

Turning his life around, at the age of 27 he has now helped thousands of people in 7 countries through his signature seminar “Purpose to Abundance – Awakening Your Aligned Self” and “eXplode Your Coaching Biz”, talks, seminars and online programs finding their true purpose in life and starting successful coaching and speaking businesses.

He shared the stage with the most prominent minds of personal and business transformation like Les Brown, Gary Vee, Clinton Swaine, Jamie Smart, Douglas Vermeeren, Trent Shelton to name a few.

He also delivered a controversial TEDx Talk “Sleeping With Your Clients” and he has currently more than 200 speaking gigs every single year.

Simone Vincenzi’s clients are coaches and speakers, very proactive, creative, fun loving and high-achievers individuals, who have been working on themselves for years but they still feel lost, without a sense of direction and purpose.

However, they know they are ready and committed to take control of their lives they are ready to step up their game. They might be stuck in a 9-5 that is killing their potential or they are entrepreneurs who want to focus and create a business out of their purpose and passion.

He delivers highly interactive transformational talks and workshops on purpose, spirituality, inner confidence, leadership and entrepreneurship and he is known for leaving every audience inspired, transformed, engaged and mesmerised by his knowledge, presence and wisdom.

Simone is also passionate about basketball, breakdancing and performs as a professional musician with his didgeridoo in festivals, streets and events wowing the audiences with his didgeridoo-beat-boxing skills.

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5 Hidden Secrets of Confidence