Vincent Delaney has worked for many years in a variety of senior and middle management positions. His professional qualifications in engineering, accountancy and project management along with years of experience, have given him an in-depth understanding people and business.  During that time, he interviewed over one thousand people for a variety of both professional and skilled positions.

In the last three years, Vincent became deeply immersed in personal communications and professional coaching.  He has spent considerable time and effort, being trained by some of the best personal development professionals in the world. He has now brought these strands of interview skills, personal communication and professional coaching together into a unique product.

“My business is communication”, says Vincent. “It is all about understanding how you communicate with yourself – the language that you use and the meaning that you decide to give to things. It is about how you communicate with others. It is about how you perform on a public platform or in an interview”.

Vincent also believes strongly in experiential trainings – which he designs and runs.  Here participants get to play full out, rather than sit and take notes.  “This embeds the learnings deeply at the unconscious level”, he says.

Vincent passion is working with groups or with individuals, teaching communication for interviews, presentation skills, negotiation skills or joint venture bids.

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Keys to Job Interview Mastery


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