Instantly Cement Your Expert Credibility By Being A Published Author

Get Your Message Out, and Establish Your Credibility

As an expert in your field (and you are an expert – you have a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience which many people would be grateful to learn!), you know the importance of getting your message out there to help others. But do you sometimes find it difficult to get heard? Do you sometimes find it hard to ‘stand out from the crowd’? You know that a book is a great way to differentiate yourself from everyone else – a physical book really boosts your expert credibility and opens so many doors. Perhaps you are put off by the thought of having to write 60,000 or even 100,000 words for a book, let alone the expense of publishing it? One author I know personally spent over $30,000 on getting his book published and promoted – publishers generally do not promote books, the author has to do all that.

Then why not join us in the next book in the Winning In Life And Work series? Write your own chapter and join us as we gather together experts, combine our expertise, pool our resources, and replicate the same strategies which successfully got the other volumes to best-seller status at launch.

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As a professional speaker I have always known the importance of a book to position me as an expert. Although the thought of stepping into the unknown world of book development and promotion was at the very least terrifying. Partnering with Keith put me in the hands of a world leading expert. Not only did he support and guide me through the process associated with the book, I also learnt so much more. Strategies and ideas that will fast track other parts of my business. There is many people offering to publish books for you but if you want the “real deal”, then there is no one else you should be turning to except Keith. And the proof of his skills . I am now an international best selling author. SIMPLE AS THAT !!!!

Ian Crawford, Australia,, Candor Training and Consultancy

Why Become A Published Author?

Spread Your Message More Widely

Being published in a book enables your message to reach even more people even more easily, spreading far and wide. Every time one of your co-authors sells a copy, your message goes with it!

Rocket Your Expert Status

Being published in a book enables your message to reach even more people even more easily, spreading far and wide. Every time one of your co-authors sells a copy, your message goes with it!

Unlock More Opportunities

Being in a published book is the key to opening countless doors of opportunity to greater access to markets, stronger credibility with future clients, and even to radio and television appearances.

I have had the pleasure of attending a number of Carol Anne’s writing workshop and they have never failed to deliver anything other than inspiration. The way she listens and the process of body movements allowed me to discover the confident writer within and the words just flowed. It was like magic. At first it felt like she was not really doing anything and I wondered how the movements would help. But the proof was in the results. Free flowing words that made sense and I loved. Thank you Carol Anne keep up the great work

Sheryl Ann Andrews, UK.

Why Become A Co-Author?


You will complete your single chapter in a tiny fraction of the time it takes to write, re-write, edit, re-edit, proofread and re-write again an entire 100,000+ word book, saving you time and effort whilst getting your message out into the world much more swiftly and much more effectively.

Less Expensive

With all of the costs associated with creating a book split between all of the co-authors, your very reasonable investment is a fraction of what you could expect to pay to create an entire book – and with us, we’ve already done it before so you can be confident that the results will amaze.

Greater Exposure

Just imagine having a big team of people highly driven to get your book out to as many people as possible. Interested? Meet your co-authors! 10+ times the coverage, 10+ times the exposure, for the same effort on your part. Now that’s an impressive return on investment by anyone’s standards!

Keith, can I just say a huge thank you to for your efforts with the book. When we first spoke this was just an idea – and is now an international bestselling book! Your hard work in bringing us all together and keeping on top of the process does not go unnoticed. For me it was such a smooth process – you managed everything very well. You opened things up to group discussion so it was a true collaboration while never losing sight of the overall objective and keeping us on track. Thank you!

Ruth Thirtle, Australia,, Business Results Catalyst

Winning in Life and Work : Time To Shine

There is a huge group of people in the world who are looking out for good advice, information and personal stories to help them to make their own personal growth. There is also a huge number of experts (like you) out there who have just the information those people so desperately seek. Sadly, the two groups are often largely unaware of each other. Until now! Join us in the brand new book Winning In Life And Work : Time To Shine which, like its predecessors, brings together experts and seekers alike.

This brand new book, to which you are invited to contribute your own complete chapter, is the fifth in the international best-selling Winning In Life And Work series. Volume 1, featuring 11 expert authors from a variety of fields, was launched in March of 2013 and immediately reached Bestseller status; the second book, New Beginnings, was launched in March 2015 and also immediately became an international bestseller, with contributions from 16 international experts from a diverse range of fields. The third book was called Success Secrets, and launched in March 2017 (there’s definitely a pattern there!) with contributions from 11 international experts. Then in November 2019 Keith brought 17 authors together for the biggest book in the series yet, Dare To Dream.

Spurred on by both the massive positive stories received from people who found help and growth after reading the first four books, and by the repeated requests he has received from other experts who recognise the importance of being part of this exciting project, Keith is proud to announce that he is teaming up with The Writing Facilitator herself Carol Anne Cooper to facilitate the creation of the fifth successful book in the series, Winning in Life and Work : Time To Shine. In this new book, experts like you are each contributing a chapter in their chosen field around the theme of Success Secrets – in whatever way that means to you. There is a wide scope to be covered, and this book needs your contribution to make it complete and provide maximum value and benefit to its countless readers.

What Is This Book About?

The name for this volume is “Time To Shine”

It’s the next stage on the journey of Winning in life and in work, all about helping the reader both to realise that it is their own personal time to shine, and about helping them to find ways to do just that.

That’s the overall theme for the book.

Individual chapters will be based on authors’ own experiences, sharing their experiences, lessons, learnings, knowledge, expertise, and more, all with the aim of each one helping the reader to win whether that is in life or in work.

Paperback? eBook?

The book will be available both in paperback via global stores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and more, and in electronic format for Kindle, iBook (iPhone, iPad and Mac), NookBook, Kobo and more. This way the book is available to the widest possible audience.

Without Keith’s amazing leadership, organization and communication skills I highly doubt our international best-selling book would exist today. Keith is a go-getter who does not rest until he achieves his desired outcome. Organizing multiple authors from all over the globe is no easy feat, yet Keith kept the momentum going and as a result we have an Amazon best-seller on our hands! Thank you Keith – you rock!

Kim Davey, New Zealand, Kim Davey LIVE

We Help You Every Step Of the Way

Choosing Your Topic

So you want to contribute a chapter, but how do you decide your specific topic? Discover the process of choosing and refining the perfect topic.

Your First Draft Chapter

Now you know what to write about, how do you create a 6,000 word chapter? Uncover the secrets of creating your chapter easily.

Polishing Your chapter

Discover the simple steps to taking your draft and turning it into a polished finished chapter which readers will want to study again and again.

In 2011 I was given a wonderful opportunity to write a chapter in The Multiple Streams of Determination with Johnny Wimbrey, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Matt Morris.
I did some clearing sessions with Carol Anne Cooper and the chapter flowed. I thoroughly recommend Carol Anne, she has a fabulous tool box of skills and a fantastic supportive character and kind nature. If you’re lucky enough to work with Carol Anne your future is bright.

Georgie Druce

What's Included To Help You

  • 2 hour group session to help you identify your chapter, to cover The 4 Questions you need to consider, and to help you ensure your chapter fits neatly into the overall theme.
  • 2 hour group session to bring us together, to keep up the cohesion and momentum. Writing can feel a lonely process at times, this session will help bring us all closer together as a team.
  • A 2-day virtual writing retreat to focus on the actual detail and process of writing your chapter.

  • Two personal 1-1s to be booked at any stage you wish, to help you through whatever aspects you need.

  • Access to a 3hr writing workshop during the writing period.

  • You chapter professionally proof-read and edited with suggestions and corrections offered back to you, while you retain full control over your chapter, free to accept or reject each individual edit.

  • Option to buy as many copies of the book as you want at cost-price – for you to resell or give away as you choose.
  • We guide you through the entire launch process for the final book

  • Your own profile on the Winning In Life And Work website promoting you, your chapter, and your services

  • Buy as many or as few copies of the book as you want, any time, at cost-price, for you to give away or sell for whatever price you want.

I recently attended a one-day group Writers Workshop with Carol Anne Cooper; we were asked to bring along a piece of writing we were working on. I brought along an article I had been asked to write for publication and the deadline was two days away! For some reason I had not been able to get started despite knowing the subject inside out – I had been procrastinating for 5 days.

Amazingly as we began the session, my thoughts began to flow and when twenty minutes was up I didn’t want to stop! The day continued and it was astounding to experience the difference the activities made from having ‘brain fog ‘to clarity and proficiency!

Carol Anne is a great host her energy is both calming and energising and we all had fun. Everyone in the group had breakthroughs in seeing their ability to write begin to flow, and progress more and more as the day progressed. As an ex-head teacher of 30 years, I regret that I am only now learning how powerful Carol Anne’s coaching really is.

Linda Grandson.

We Go Through The Entire Journey Together

From “What can I write about”

through writing and editing

to having the finished published book in your hands

I attended the ‘Let’s Write’ workshop with an open mind. My work requires some writing; when I’m chatting on Social Media, this flows quite easily. When I want to write more formal posts (sales or ‘what I do’ posts) there is an element of hesitancy and the whole process is laborious and the results are stilted. I wanted the ideas in my head to flow more easily and naturally onto the page.

During the day I found my mind engaging with my writing impulse; this was achieved through mental stimulus, activating the right and left sides of the brain, and gentle physical activity, which unlocked physical and mental “knots”. The day was well organised and broken up into manageable segments. I had many ideas for writing subjects and the structure and vocabulary presented itself with comparative ease.

I acted on the renewed impulse to write with enthusiasm in the following days. The best part of the day was losing many inhibitions of thought and action and experiencing, literally, a loosening of mind and muscle. A great course and a day well spent

Sylvi Hussain.

Introducing Your Hosts For This Journey

Keith Blakemore-Noble

Keith is the brains behind the international best-selling Winning In Life And Work series, which he founded back in 2013, and has carefully nurtured and grown ever since.

Over the past 8 years he has taken Winning In Life And Work from just a dream, through to a series of 4 (so far) books, coaching every single one of the 50+ authors through the entire process, as well as handling all of the “back end” work – the editing, the compilation, the design, layout, and publishing.

He has also written and published his own book “The Masks We Wear” in 2020, and has two more currently in development (with others demanding to be written as well)…

When not focusing on Winning in Life and Work, Keith is the UK’s #1 Fear Strategist, helping people transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths. He’s helped over 5,000 people across the planet so far, and when it comes to coaching he specialises in helping people conquer fears & phobias, reclaim their confidence, master change, quit smoking, or lose weight. At its core, Keith’s work is all about helping people transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths.

Naturally, part of Keith’s work also includes speaking. He is an award-winning international speaker, having spoken on stages in places as far ranging as USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, and the UK to name a few, and he is also a successful trainer of NLP / hypnosis / coaching / speaking, having trained and certified people in 3 continents.

Carol Anne Cooper

97% of people who start a book never finish it.
And as Maya Angelou says ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’

How do you get to be more productive with your writing, get your story out and finally complete your book?

Carol Anne’s journey from Maths teacher to becoming The Writing Facilitator has found her discovering tools and techniques that have assisted her in unlocking the writer within. Along the way she has helped people to connect with their own inner writer, find confidence and belief in their ability to write, unlocked their innate potential to write and get their manuscript written.

In 2019 she became an award-winning author for two of seven pieces of writing included in the three Community Book Projects – Pawsome Friends, Independence and Vision 20/20. She has featured in podcasts and on The Listening Detective TV, and talks about unlocking the writer within, resilience – bounce back ability, creating a future beyond lockdown, how everyone has the ability to write a book, and that everyone has a story inside them that would make a difference in the world.

Carol Anne is passionate about sharing these tools and techniques to empower clients in becoming more productive with their writing – thus creating momentum in their business, and finally complete the book they always wanted, by unlocking the writer within to depths previously not experienced

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith as a co-author of the Number One, international best seller ‘Winning in Life and Work – New Beginnings’. Keith coordinated an international group of business leaders and professionals on this project. I commend his exemplary organisational, planning, and coordination skills. He is adept at managing various personalities and facilitating win: win outcomes. He builds confidence and strength in not only individuals, but also a team. His communication is always open, inquiring, and interested. He drives deadlines with a quiet confidence that inspires respect.

Sanja Zeman, Australia, Occupational Therapist – Brain Neuroplasticity Treatments / Medico-legal expert / Enhanced Health Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Are We Guaranteed BestSeller Status?

Whilst it is not possible for anyone to guarantee any book will reach best seller status, we have a great and proven strategy which we’ll be using again this time round (the same one which got Volume 1 to best-seller). And best of all, you play an active part in the process – the more we pull together, the greater our chances of massive success!

Do I have to write 6,000 words? That sounds like a lot!

6,000 words can sound like a lot when you say it like that! On the other hand, a leisurely 90 minute keynote talk is 6,000 or more words (and that’s taking it slowly with plenty of space for the listeners to process what they are hearing, as well as space for Q&As). In fact, once you start you will probably find your biggest challenge will be keeping your chapter down to only 6,000 words!

Can I include pictures and diagrams?

In general, this is not possible. However, if you find that you absolutely can not convey your message without a picture, then we can certainly discuss this once you are in the project – we can find a solution for you.

I've never written a book chapter before, isn't it difficult?

We will be supporting you every step of the way. Through online workshops and other support methods will guide you through the process of not only creating your first draft, but also editing and polishing your chapter.

Will I make a lot of money from the book?

It is a myth that all one needs to do is write a book and sit back waiting for the money to flow in. It is a rare book which makes a profit. Think of your chapter and the book as being a part of your marketing – while you are not likely to retire on the proceeds form book sales, the doors which being an Author in print will open for you can bring you considerable opportunity for reward.

Can I buy copies to sell myself?


As a co-author of the book, you will be entitled to buy as few or as many copies as you want at any time at cost-price (minimum order quantity is 1 copy!). You are then free to use these in any way you wish – you can give them away, sell them at a discount, sell them at full price, bundle them with your offerings, anything.

I'd love to take part but can't think of what to write.

This sort of problem is far more common that you might think. And it is precisely why the very first workshop focuses on this very concern. It will take you from not knowing what to write about, to knowing exactly what specific topic you are sharing with the world – it’s a whole lot of fun too!

How rigid is the 6,000 word count? Can I write more (or even fewer) words?

6,000 words represents the target and ideally you should be looking in the range 5,500 – 6,500 words.

Why do I need a printed book, can't I just use an eBook like everybody else does?

eBooks are certainly very common these days – many are starting to feel they are too common, as pretty much everyone creates them which means they have lost a lot of their power. And crucially, you can’t hold an eBook physically in your hand – you can’t beat actually being able to show and touch a physical book, and it looks a lot more impressive on your stage or table!

I have just finished Carol Anne’s Writing Day. It has been an enjoyable and eye-opening day. I am now writing with flow and not worrying about anything while I am writing. This means I have got so much done today. So much more than I thought or needed! More importantly, writing has become less of a chore and the possibilities of the purposefulness and profitability of my writing is a much more exciting prospect. Thank you, Carol Anne.

Caroline King, Sovereign Speakers.

Reminder Of What's Included

To recap, here’s a summary of everything you get as part of your involvement –

  • Your own entire 6,000 word (20 page) chapter.
  • Your bio and contact details in the book
  • Your own Author page on this website
  • 2 x 2 hour group sessions
  • A 2-day virtual writing retreat to focus on writing the chapter.
  • 1-1s for individual support as needed
  • Free access to 3hr writing workshops through the writing period.
  • Free email support.
  • Full professional proof-reading and editing PLUS you retain the final say on accepting or rejecting each suggested correction.
  • Purchase unlimited copies at cost-price for you to give away or to sell anywhere at any price you choose.
  • Take part in a full launch campaign (you will learn launch techniques invaluable for your own products and services in the future)

Without Keith there would be no book! He was the organiser that originally inspired, cajoled and encouraged us to contribute a chapter. He took the reins and planned every step of the process. His diligence was impressive as we went through rounds of editing and formatting. His patience was nearly saintly. His drive, ambition and vision were an inspiration to all of us to follow-through, stay focused and continue to move to the next step. With his expertise, he created the website, the marketing, the launch and all the follow-up to the day we were published – and beyond!

Cindi, Luxemburg

I had the pleasure of working with Keith for a few months in his role as Editor in Chief of the Best Selling Book Winning in Life and Work: New Beginnings. As a co-author of a chapter, I found that having Keith organising everything was wonderful. He was calm, helpful and close, always happy to help. My “muito obrigada”. I look forward to have another opportunity of working together. Cheers, Duda Prestes

Duda Prestes, São Paulo, Brazil,, Akademia da Mente

A wonderful surprise as the writing day I had booked some weeks ago with Carol Anne was getting nearer so was my concern about what it would be like. An idea of brilliant academic English professors all fluid and writing naturally which would send me into a block and ‘I can’t write mode.’

The reverse was true, we were gradually moved into writing with movement and 10min writing exercises. Making observations about any subtle differences. What I actually achieved was tremendous flow of words and clear thoughts. I wrote my book and even 20 minutes of writing vanished quickly. Reflecting and taking me to this is so doable and possible.

Highly recommend Carol Anne with her intuitive feel for people and exercises to allow the process of writing to develop.

Lilwen Selina Joynson, author of Making a Difference

I came across Keith as Editor of the book of which I am a co-author. Keith’s enthusiasm, patience and ability to deal with a group of co-authors was inspirational. Publishing a book from personal experience is a major challenge at the best of times, but Keith handled it well despite a few ups and downs outside his control. His understanding of all things to do with people is very impressive and was demonstrated during a long conversation we had after the books publication. As can be seen from his profile Keith is multi-talented and it shows in everything he undertakes

Patrick White, London, UK, HRM Global Ltd


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What's the Timeframe?

Ultimately it depends how quickly we get everyone signed up into the project.

However, here is roughly the sort of thing we are currently aiming for…

10 September 2018

Open project for enrolments

1 October 2018

Launch project, run first webinar, get people choosing their chapter topic

8 October 2018

Run second webinar, get people creating first draft of their chapter

29 October 2018

Run third webinar, get people polishing and revising their chapter

20 December 2018

Deadline for receiving final version of chapters

31 December 2018

Deadline for receiving final version of all other material (photos, bios, offers, etc)

1 February 2019

Send out proofed chapters for final author approval

8 February 2019

Deadline for authors to approve or reject corrections. Entire content frozen at this point.