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Blakemore-Noble is an approachable writer who humbly shares, along with some of the coping tools he has developed, his own struggles with crippling shyness. Anyone who has been stymied by small talk or frozen at the podium will likely sympathize with a man who fled from a cocktail party in terror. If he can overcome his shyness, surely others can too.

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Incredible value on so many levels 5 stars
This book is packed with heaps of useful tips and tools that are simple to grasp, relevant today and easy to apply straight away. Exceptional value for money. I’d pay the same again for each of the chapters alone! Especially the one about Charisma.

Gabi Glover, UK

Winning in life and work, a must have for your personal development collection! 5 stars
The best thing about this book is that it is written in an extremely engaging way, which is very easy to relate to, as well as it contains valueable tools to allow us to become winners. I particularly enjoyed Keith Blakemore-Noble’s chapter regarding confidence as he told stories that were extremely easy to relate to but also gave me plenty of tips and tricks in how to improve confidence. Overall I find this book a must read and would highly recommend it!

Ben Shorter, UK

Open, honest and real. READ IT. 5 stars
Loved reading Winning in Life and Work. There are soooooooooo many self-help books these days, it is a rare pleasure to find one which doesn’t preach or bombard you thousand quotes. It’s filled with real practical tips, suggestions and advise from people who have clearly lived what they are talking.
Each chapter tells its own story, and it’s really wonderful learning with the authors through their mistakes and experiences – open, honest and real. READ IT.

Annik Rau, UK

Great book, it’s really helped me. 5 stars
I loved this book! I’ve had to start again a few times and some of the chapters in here would have really helped me. I think I can say I’ve learned something from all of them. I particularly loved the chapter about ‘Let Go To Begin’, it’s helped me to get rid of some things which were holding me back, to see things from a different perspective and to face the future with much more hope – I’m excited! You definitely need to read this book. It might just help you change your life.

Daniel, UK

You need this book. 4 stars
This definitely makes for an absorbing read and anyone seeking fulfilment in any avenue of life should give it a go. The ‘If I can you can handle anything’ chapter in particular deserves close attention as there is something to be gained by all from these words of wisdom. I would recommend this book to anyone.

James Ben Thom

Power packed advice! 5 stars
I got this 8 hours ago and only now coming up for air as I was totally immersed and absorbed by the power packed advice contained inside.
If you want a clear path ahead in your life then this contains the tools to get you there. ‘Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life’ by Kasia Nalepa in particular is highly recommended as she writes in such a way as to cause me to re-assess my thinking and review my actions and path. Incredibly powerful style.

Philip Rees, UK

Very inspiring 5 stars
A very inspiring and actionable book, real people with real stories to tell, I don’t often give five stars but this one is so worth it.
Don’t just read it though, take action and make changes in your life, thank you to the authors.

K. A. Long, USA

I particularly enjoyed the chapter on singing 5 stars
An enjoyable book on becoming more successful in life and work. Lots of engaging stories and experiences from a variety of professionals. As a singer myself, I particularly enjoyed the chapter on singing, by Colin Bennett. I highly recommend this book!

Joseph John Cerutti, USA

This Book Is A Game Changer  5 stars
A very thought provoking and inspirational read. The true stories from the authors have helped me to understand that we are all very different but in a round about way very much the same. I was completely absorbed by the chapter on ‘Driving Your McLaren: Autism, Formula 1, Lasting Change’ by Sanja Zeman.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It’s a game changer!! – 5 Stars

Scott Bedford, USA

Personal Development Winner! 5 stars
What an incredible read! Being involved in the health and fitness industry as my primary career for the past 20 years and making the transition to a home based business over the past few years this book is sensational! Understanding the difference between change and transformation applies to every area in life! This book packs a powerful punch!

Lisa Polanski, USA

Excellent! Very worth while reading! 5 stars
Excellent! I really enjoyed the chapter on singing! Touched me personally, and would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of music in their life.

Cynthia K. Hansen, USA

10/10 5 stars
An amazing book filled with wisdom and tips to pull you out of any situation you may be facing, has been perfect for me as there’s always facets of my life where I’m beginning again or starting new. Great read! Highly recommended.

John Pownall, Australia

insightful and inspiring read 5 stars
A very informative book for self development and great guideline to help align yourself on the right path to success in many areas of your life. Definitely worth a read. Written by a great collaboration.

Corey Ray, Australia

Amazing Read.5 5 stars
Beautifully written, thought provoking book…I especially enjoyed Kasia Nalepa’s account of her life story of reaching goals and breaking the rules and living your life outside the box. A book for leaders by leaders.

Debrah Mowlem

“’Winning in Life and Work is quite simply inspirational.  Whilst reading it, I felt the author was speaking directly to ME.  Relevant, practical real-world examples of their experiences that will effect a change in mind-set when applied.

– Paul Hildreth,
founder of the sport of VX, www.vxinternational.com

“What a pleasure and joy to read. Easy to relate to and jam-packed with insightful quotes, sayings and short stories. Lots of practical tips and exercises. Written and structured in a way that is fully accessible to those who want to read it all in one go as well as those who want bite size snippets of shared insights and tips. A fantastic resource, left me wanting more. Definitely recommend reading.”

– Shenade Windebank
Carers Support & Devel Mgr – Mental Health

“This book is incredible. It is written from a real working person’s point of view and will give you many truths to support you in developing clarity, awareness and growth. It provides both wisdom and knowledge and gives you tools and skills to manifest the change you wish to become.”

– Pippa Seeta OConnor BSc, MSc: (MBCT)
Mindfulness Senior Lecturer at the Priory Hospital & North London Buddhist Centre.
Trauma Focused Mindful Movement facilitator at The Tavistock & Portman Hospital London

“What I like most about this book is that it contains so much wisdom and condensed advice. I particularly enjoyed the chapter Find Your Balance Reclaim Your Time. I am a great advocate of its message that slowing down is the new speeding up. I love writings like this that give back more time than it takes us to read them many times over.”

– Tom Evans,
creator of Mindfulness-Based Time Management, author of Managing Time Mindfully

“As a Global Business Developer, I am always looking out for new insights into what helps people to win in their lives. Winning In Life And Work : Success Secrets uncovers some extremely powerful and highly useable secrets which I know will definitely help you to raise your life to its next level.  Get the book, read it, and implement it – your future self will thank you for it!”

– Dame DC Cordova PhD,
Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® www.moneyandyou.com

“Winning in Life and Work delivers a distilled shot of knowledge and inspiration. Several easy reading success stories from a diverse group of contributors who have at least one thing in common – the ability to set goals and achieve them. Breaking through personal and practical barriers, they walk the walk and talk the talk, each taking you on a unique journey while sharing the secrets of what it took to get there.”

– Kristine Amato, Published Author, New Zealand.

“What a fantastic read, I highly recommend ‘Winning In Life and Work’ it is an inspirational book. So many people facing life challenges, need access to concepts and tools that work. The authors share their unique challenges, learnings and the special skills they acquired to assist them in overcoming challenges. it allows readers, with their own situation and set of challenges to gain insights and access to processes that they may find beneficial in their journey of self-discovery and growth.”

– Pam Wright,
Australia’s Leading Stress Specialist & Happiness Facilitator, pamwright.com.au

“Manages to capture and share the most important life lessons.  A generous and compassionate gift to others. Every word is meaningful and made me want to be a better person.”

– Meryl Taimania Carter,
Director, Taimania Productions, New Zealand.

Dare to Dream offers a collection of beautiful stories and powerful perspectives from a wide variety of authors. This book shows us how the human spirit can shine through a myriad of challenges and how we each can develop the courage to live our dreams.

– Marci Shimoff- #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Every person has secret desires and dreams and yet not all go after or feel worthy of achieving those dreams. This book is amazing. It’s for anyone and everyone that has that calling, whisper and nudge and yet doesn’t always listen. Dare To Dream will inspire you to not only listen, but to follow through. The dreams fulfilled, the wishes spoken and the footsteps taken to ultimately be standing right in the midst of your dream is what this book will motivate you to do! Inspiring, empowering and touching. Every author will convince you that it’s your time to Dare to Dream!

– Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse – Founders, The Wellness Universe

Dare to Dream is an authentic and inspiring collection of stories that will help you go for your biggest goals. Authors offer their experience, awareness, and wisdom with a collective mission to help you heal and transform your life.

– Divya Parekh – Influence Architect & Positioning Advisor, 9-Time #1 International Best-Selling Author

This excellent book powerfully communicates stories of courageous healing  in a personal, relevant and focused way. Anyone seeking to break out of old patterns, up-level their life or embark on a new life adventure will find guidance, inspiration and heart in this book.

– Anthony McMorran – Mindfulness Coach + Yoga Teacher.

I often encourage people to open up their hearts and minds to the possibilities which life can offer them, and I was delighted to read Dare To Dream which resonates strongly with this approach. It is a well-written, easy to read collection of powerful stories and life lessons, which really encourage you to think and, when acted upon, have the power to be truly life-changing.

– Joseph P Ghabi, CEO of Soul Vision Awakening

Dare To Dream is an inspirational collection of wisdom from people that have the power to help many of us transform and transcend the difficulties that we face on a day to day basis. The structure allows for quick doses of inspiration on a daily basis and will help many people.

– Muneer Al Busaidi – International best selling author and peak performance strategist

For years, decades even by now, I have lived and advocated a simple yet very difficult philosophy:  life is too short to be miserable at work, so find a job you enjoy.  In Dare To Dream, this philosophy is given life in myriad ways by people from so many walks of life.  And it doesn’t just apply to your job, but to your whole life.  This volume will provide you with encouragement, self-reflection, determination, and perhaps most of all, hope, no matter where you are in life.

– Darren Kirby – Author of “Northwoods Cooking Series“ and “The Best Tent Camping Guide: From Novice To Expert”

This book is full of raw, emotional, powerful, inspiring stories which prove that we can overcome any adversity in life.

– Lisa Miriam Cherry – Editor “Story From A Yogic Heart”

Dare to Dream is not only a good book, it’s a way of life. There are some great examples in these stories of how to live outside the box that so many people are stuck in. If you want more from life, you should read this book.

– David Alan Arnold – Helicopter Cameraman of The Deadliest Catch and Author of Help From Above

Every single problem that the world faces will only be solved by those who dare to dream. This book is full of inspirational stories and step by step guides that will stoke deep within you a fire that will fuel your dream that will undoubtedly change the world, starting with your own.

– Mark Bowness – Founder of We Build Tribes

Feeling unfulfilled or unmet in any area of your life? Yet you know, you just sense that there’s more to life than you’ve been experiencing? And you want that “more” and you want it now? Dare to Dream is the answer to your prayers! Buy it! Read it!

– Tom Bird – Best Selling Author of Tom Bird Method Writing Retreats